Trust-Mark and Tree Care Approval: Does the profession need them?

Further to a request by a tree industry magazine publisher  asking to use one of our blogs as an article in their magazine, we were approached by an organisation involved with introducing a new “trust mark” for the industry. The arboricultural profession already has several professional bodies that represent it.  These bodies already vet there members.  Members can also apply to be included in a number of “approved” registers.  So the question is do we really need another scheme?

You may also wish to consider whether this new scheme goes any further in the prevention of “rogue trader” activity within the industry.

The new scheme is aimed at tradesmen but both Tree Surgeons and Consultants are included in our industry – Do you think this is appropriate?

If you feel strongly either for or against such schemes please feel free to add your comments (just click on the “Leave a Comment” link below).

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