Tree surveys

Whether it be for:

  • a planning application
  • safety assessment
  • disease diagnosis
  • pre-purchase assessment
  • general asset management
  • expert witness statement
  • mortgage report

or any other reason, we can provide the appropriate survey and report for your needs.

Typical surveys undertaken include:

BS 5837 Tree Surveys and Reports for Planning Applications

The potential for loss or adverse effect on trees is material consideration of any planning application where trees are present on, or immediately adjacent to, the proposed development site.
Planning officers will therefore be seeking a tree survey, arboricultural constraints plans and a tree protection plan from the developer.  Whether it be a small extension, single house or a full blown housing scheme.  The size of the proposed development is immaterial as the same rules apply to all applicants.

Scottish Arboricultural Services can provide all the necessary information required to support your application.
In the initial stages the information required is likely to include :

  • a Tree Schedule – listing the details of all the trees on or adjacent to the site which might be affected
  • Constraints Plans – showing above and below ground constraints

Once a finalised development  layout has been reached:

  • a Tree Protection Plan and
  • Arboricultural Method Statement

will be required.

When the proposed development involves working in close proximity to trees identified for retention the council will require on site supervision by the arboriculturalist.


Professional Tree Inspection for Hazard/Risk Assessment

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, all occupiers have responsibilities to ensure  the safety of those not in their employment.  “Occupier” is generally taken to mean any person occupying or having control of premises, in this case land.

Thus there are clear legal responsibilities to assess risks that arise from trees and take suitable and sufficient steps to control such risks.

In addition, occupiers have duties under the Occupiers Liability Act 1984. This states that the occupier owes a “common law duty of care” to visitors and those who enter his land or premises and this duty of care extends to trespassers. In Scotland there is no such distinction in the law.

If you are concerned about the safety risks posed by trees within your ownership, we offer a Professional Tree Inspection Service which meets with current industry standards.  We can carry out a survey of all trees of concern and prepare an inventory for managing your trees and any associated risks.  Call us to discuss your concerns and the ways we can help.