Non-destructive Excavations

We are fully equipped to carry out non-destructive excavations in tree Root Protection Areas (RPAs).  This is achieved using supersonic air excavation techniques commonly refereed to as “Airspade excavation”.  The use of an Airspade allows us to establish the presence/absence of tree roots within a trial trench without the risk of damaging tree roots or services.

Exposing tree root architecture allows us to:

  • better establish the impact of proposed development plans and tailor advice accordingly on sites where space is confined
  • establish positions for pile locations when pile/beam foundations are feasible

We can also assist with tree health issues by:

  • decompaction of tree rooting areas to facilitate water percolation, gas exchange and nutrient uptake essential for tree health
  • correct tree root problems such as strapping and girdling
  • investigation of tree root condition/extent of decay
  • facilitate the uptake of nutrients by adding ameliorants to the parent soil